Enjoy great experiences in the best fishing waters in Lapland. Experience the silence of the wilderness and the urgency as a full-service tour if needed. In the case of the catches of Arctic waters, salmon, trout, iron, grayling, swine, perch, pike and anchovy fish. We offer full service excursions as well as self-guided excursions to your needs from a few hours to several days.

In conjunction with hikes, you can join the conquests of wilderness huts in canoes.

Kingfisher and Arctic Ocean fishermen are asked for an over-the-kilogram of over-the-kilograms of shellfish – kingfish. Angling can also be linked to the retrieve, which can include fish weighing ten kilograms, such as cod and halibut. If necessary, prey is made for a delicious meal.

Duration: 1 day to several days
Group size: max 8 people
Includes: transportation, guide services, catering if needed, accommodation
Price: Based on the offer based on the services requested
Payment: Card, cash, for companies also by invoice

Reservations and inquiries: info@lapadventures.com