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Our hunting trips take place in the Lapland wilderness or across the border in Norway. We use dogs to help us with hunting. Our German pointers locate ptarmigans and other grouse for you, and provide an amazing hunting experience for all our guests. Hunting with bird dogs is one of the finest forms of hunting. A well-trained dog will force the bird to stay grounded after locating it, and flushes the bird on command for the hunter to shoot it.

Our professional guides take care of the safety, and guarantee a high-quality service.

In March, you can join in on the ptarmigan spring hunt, which is done in the beautiful mountain scenery by skiing on forest skis. In the autumn, you will have the opportunity to participate in the moose or bear hunt.

Please contact us and let us know your wishes:
Phone: +358 40 041 4647
Email: info@lapadventures.com

An example of a ptarmigan hunting trip

Time: 10 September – 30 October and 1-30 March
Group size: max 6 persons

The package includes: transfers, accommodation, guide, meals, dogs, and when required, transport by seaplane

Day 1

Arrival at the Ivalo airport, and transport by car to Näätämö. Lunch. Transfer to the mountains, or to the hunting grounds in Näätämö or Norway.

Sauna, dinner, and overnight stay.

Day 2

Departure for the hunt after breakfast. Field lunch and tea/coffee on the road. Sauna and dinner in the evening, and overnight stay.

Day 3

Hunting continues after breakfast. Field lunch. Return to the accommodation, and sauna and dinner. Return to Ivalo, to the airport or hotel.

If booked separately, a massage to recover from the strains of the trip.