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Welcome to an ice fishing trip in the Northern Lapland. The cold Arctic waters are waiting for you in the pristine nature. We cannot guarantee that you will catch fish, but we can offer you unforgettable experiences with the help of our professional guides in the beautiful unspoiled nature of Lapland. We will transport you in a sledge pulled by a snowmobile, but you can of course also drive the snowmobile yourself.

Would you like to bring your business partner, your customers or your employees to experience the Lappish nature as a guest of Lap Adventure?

Ask for a quote, and we will customise the wilderness experience for you!

Please contact us and let us know your wishes:
Phone: +358 40 041 4647
Email: info@lapadventures.com

Example of an ice fishing trip

Ice fishing safari with a snowmobile in the local area (departure from Näätämö or Ivalo, or by agreement)

Time: 1 January – 20 April
Group size: 2-6 persons
Price: from 140€ per person, 2 persons per snowmobile

The package includes: guide, picnic lunch, insurance (excess 900€/snowmobile), ice fishing equipment, fuel, snowmobile or snowmobile transports, and snowmobile riding gear. If needed, we can pick you up by car from your lodgings.

Duration: 4-8 hours (by agreement)
Payment: Credit card, cash

Accommodation, car transportation etc are additional

Ice fishing safaris in the wilderness areas of Kaldoaivi/Vätsäri

The starting point for the safari is Näätämö (a village close to the Norwegian border), where we will take you by car. The tour will be organised according to your wishes in the wilderness on the Finnish side of the border. If required, we can offer a full-service package including accommodation and meals. The ice fishing safari can be started, if required, directly from e.g. Saariselkä.

Duration: One or more days

An example of the safari:

Departure from the hotel after breakfast to Näätämö, safari in the wilderness, sleeping in an exotic gámme or wilderness hut, return back to the hotel the following day. 

Price: 595€/person
Group size: 2-6 persons, 2 persons/snowmobile

The package includes: transfer, guide, meals, insurance (excess 900€/snowmobile), ice fishing equipment, fuel, snowmobile or snowmobile transports, snowmobile riding gear.

Payment: Credit card, cash

If booked separately, a massage to recover from the strains of the trip.